Fill this out the best you can and submit (re-submit if your phone screws up) by 5:30pm.

The only selfie needed for this is one with a pharmaceutical rep!


Name *
Does Kering have any frames on display?
How many visual field analyzers are on display?
Michelle from OSI is...
What colour is Dale's hair (Centennial)
What's VIsualEyes giving away?
Platinum sponsor Shire produces:
Which contact lens companies have lenses which cut out some blue light like Prevencia?
Which company sold DAK an ophthalmoscope last year?
What kind of vehicle does Trish (from Marchon) drive for work?
Which contact lens companies are showcasing coloured contact lenses?
What is the trade name of Lifitegrast eyedrops?
Did you get a selfie with a pharmaceutical rep?