Laura McLeod wins for both speed and accuracy!

Thanks everyone who participated. Namely Laura, Lisa, and Martina. I appreciate it very much!

Name: Laura McLeod

What brand and colour of frames is David (from Luxoticca) wearing?: Not here

What is the official theme of the show?: Carnival

Which frame rep(s) present at the show are named Laura?: Laura Roberts, Laura Shearer

Which company(s) are supplying the bags to put swag in?: Acuvue

Which booths feature sunglasses only?: Kaenon, Costs

Which financial instutions (banks or leasing agents) are present?: National, Scotiabank, Signet

Who (from Hoya) is with Sherry at their booth?: Kathy

What is the Zeiss Instruments rep's favourite piece of new equipment: I Trend 3

Which booth is everyone avoiding?: MNP LLP?? Whatever that is

Does CNIB have a booth?: Yes

How many Michael Kors ophthalmic frames are on display?: Zero

Alan Turnbull from Essilor is...: "Hyperopic"

What is Scott from Essilor lecturing about?:

What colour is Dale's hair (Centennial): "Brown"

Is Michelle from OSI doing a lecture?: "No"

Which reps had the best themed costumes?: None

What's VIsualize giving away?: "Pens"

Which company(s) also produce surveying equipment (hint: many equipment reps know this): "Nikon" (Also Topcon)

Which contact lens companies have lenses which cut out some blue light like Prevencia?: "None of the above/Other"

Which Axxis/Pacific sales reps sold DAK an NCT recently?: Rob and Doug

What new product may be good for cleaning eyelashes?: Ciladex (Actually Cliradex)

Which contact lens companies are showcasing coloured contact lenses?: "Alcon/CIBA"

Which is the correct spelling?: Luxottica

Did you get a selfie with Pete?: Pete was absent

Comments about this quiz:: Scott is not presenting
No Luxottica booth
Jacques drives a Mercedes