As of December 1, 2013, Courtenay 1 Hour Optical merged with Mosaic Vision Care!

Are you a client of 1-Hour Optical? Rest assured you will be taken care of. Your records will be kept at Mosaic Vision Care in downtown Courtenay, at 519-G 5th Street - only half a block away!

Mosaic Vision Care is proud to be associated with this established downtown business. Courtenay 1-Hour Optical has been a fixture in downtown Courtenay for over 20 years. Previous owners Tom and Mindy Harper decided last year to spend more time with their family. Longtime optician Martina Brown will still be available for consultation at Mosaic Vision Care.

Courtenay 1 Hour Optical has been successful in bringing the best and selection of frames and lenses to the Comox Valley. Fashionable and functional sunglass lines such as Maui Jim have also proved to be exactly what clients need and want. Stalwart brands such as Silhouette have also been popular with local patrons.

Mosaic Vision Care will maintain the records from 1 Hour Optical and provide even more service, with eye examinations and contact lens work, and two locations - downtown Courtenay and the new Crown Isle Plaza. We will also have even more selection as we join forces, with less cost as well.

Courtenay 1-Hour Optical was originally a facility which actually manufactured lenses on site, with a large lens grinding machine.

Recent advances in lens technology have made traditional lens grinders obsolete. Most custom-made progressive lenses are made with digitial technology, meaning that the lenses are finely chiseled and polished with computer-controlled diamond-tipped cutters.

Both Mosaic and 1-Hour Optical can replace finished lenses within an hour, using an "edger", which cuts a pre-made lens into the proper shape for its frame.

Hope to see you soon!